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Temperature Protect does not displayed.


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Hi there.

I just bought Therion 75C.

Then i setting TC Mode with escribe new version, i do same procedure like how to setting TC Mode in my therion 166.

Choose material, setting up ohm, temperature limit, preheat punch, time and power.

Then i upload my setting to the mod.

Its firing normal, and when liquid dry, then i try to firing again, but why the temperature protect doesn't appear?.

It just keep firing ( yes the power is decreased automatically ) then make my cotton burned.

Please help.


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Hi @Reed I'm not entirely sure if this is what your asking but, Your wondering why the device doesn't say "Temp Protect" when it reaches said temps, correct? I know in the escribe software you can turn that on to display that but I don't think it is there by default.  You can add it into your theme, I believe you'd make a Field and change the source to "Atomizer --> Temp Protect"  So when the atomizer hits that temp, it will display message. Can put that Field anywhere on you main working screen. Hope that helps! 

Cheers and keep on Chucking Clouds!

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