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Hello guys, 

someone know how can i connect a capacitive sensor like ttp223b or something like that on the DNA ?

i have 3 pin on the capacitor  1 vcc  2 out 3 gnd , if i connect out on the pin 3 (positive) fire button of the DNA nothing happen 


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Does your button resemble this style?

On the DNA 60 (and all other DNA boards), Up and down buttons are "active low" signals (signal pulled down to GND). The fire button is "active high" (signal is pulled up to VCC MAIN (battery voltage)). So when you press the capacitive button the "out" pin needs go high (4.20v). You'll also need to add a .5 -1k ohm pull up resistor, inline, from the sig pin (of touch sensor) to the fire button input pin of the DNA 60 (you want to limit the amount of current going to the MCU).You'll need to configure the jumpers that are on the touch sensor, which ones i'm not sure, for active high output operation You'll have to do the research on that. I don't play around with Arduino stuff.







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