Display height measures DNA75C

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Hi, I hope to be clear in this post, excuse my bad English. I'm building a box bf with dna75C and I'm facing problems in building my buttonhole. In dna75C's PDF there are all sizes but I have not found any indication about the height of the display on the plate. I understand that this measure is not about evolv because it is at discretion for who builds the box but i assure you it is a big (unique) problem for me. Looking at the well known display, there are 2 micro welds on the soft band that make curvature difficult.This is because the micro welds always match the curvature and pinch the soft track.I've already ruined a display, it's built several plates with different display heights, and in both cases, the micro welds went to dampen the soft track. I first tried to put the display in the center between the Fire button and the Bottom button, it was not okay.Then, as in the figure, I lowered the display hole and the welds on the soft track corresponded once again to the curve.Now I have ordered another display because it has failed with so many tests, the rigid welds hit my soft track.I've looked at the various boxes on the market and I know the window size is not always the same. Thank you



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