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  1. Version 1.0.0


    For those who want a theme similar to the original but with a different graphic touch. Font: Roboto Condensed Bold
  2. DNA 75 Color Screen Cradle

    I have read this discussion now, then is there a solution to this problem? Today i ordered here on evolv a new display but i'm afraid it is the default template :-( Is there a way to change the order with this display? Order code wmq61qwhuo
  3. Display height measures DNA75C

    the micro weldings :-(
  4. Hi, I hope to be clear in this post, excuse my bad English. I'm building a box bf with dna75C and I'm facing problems in building my buttonhole. In dna75C's PDF there are all sizes but I have not found any indication about the height of the display on the plate. I understand that this measure is not about evolv because it is at discretion for who builds the box but i assure you it is a big (unique) problem for me. Looking at the well known display, there are 2 micro welds on the soft band that make curvature difficult.This is because the micro welds always match the curvature and pinch the soft track.I've already ruined a display, it's built several plates with different display heights, and in both cases, the micro welds went to dampen the soft track. I first tried to put the display in the center between the Fire button and the Bottom button, it was not okay.Then, as in the figure, I lowered the display hole and the welds on the soft track corresponded once again to the curve.Now I have ordered another display because it has failed with so many tests, the rigid welds hit my soft track.I've looked at the various boxes on the market and I know the window size is not always the same. Thank you
  5. Dissipation chips

    Thank you, my dear friend, this is a very useful information I was expecting.
  6. Hi, excuse my English, I'm using Google Translator :-). I need some information, the chips that are highlighted in the photos, those quads, the square ones, I think they call MOSFET, Can they be installed with thermal paste to the aluminum body? Is it best to leave them completely isolated? What if those chips touch the body? Thank you!
  7. Thanks for sharing friend ;-)