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2s 18650 DNA 200 Box Mod


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I used to build raptor boxes using the Hammond G box. I liked the convenience of being able to swap out batteries if you're running low while out and about.

Then I built a couple DNA 200 mods using a 3D printed case based on the Evolv Reference design but with an extended back cover to hold a larger LiPo. But I missed the small form factor of the G size Hammond box.

Then Mod Maker UK released their range of CNC enclosures, based on similar sizes to the Hammond but without "the lean", and more rounded edges. With the DNA 200 18650 2C support I thought why not try and squeeze it into the ModMaker "G Boy" box?


It was a bloody tight fit (insert joke here!) but after 2 days I shoe horned it in and kept it reasonably clean.


So tight I need a ribbon to get the batteries out!

I love how it turned out, it's just so small and compact it's a real pleasure to use. A local firm did the powder coat for me and they did great :)

Have to say Evolv, you guys did a fantastic job with this chipset and the companion software, kudos to everyone in the team.

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UKDTweak said:

Very nice and clean, a tidy job... love how clean the window cut out and USB are, i take it you have suitable tools to make such a good job?
I have to make do with an old bench drill, dremel and needle files and got nothing like your finish LOL

No, I use exactly the same tools as you. In fact I don't even have a pedestal drill, I use a Mikita hand drill lol. During my engineering apprenticeship I spent countless hours at a work bench sawing, drilling and filing so I guess it wasn't a complete waste lol.

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