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Lock TC mode and stainless steel issues? (FEATURE REQUEST)


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EDIT: Sorry apparently it works after all. You just have to set the profile to TC ON by default! Please disregard :)

There are some concerns expressed here about using stainless steel with the DNA200. The main concern is that the low TCR of the 317L stainless steel wire causes the DNA200 to sometimes drop out of TC mode. Which is of course terrible because of the uncertainty. Dry hit roulette. It might also be related to the temp control overshooting because of the low TCR.

Could you add an option to lock the mod in TC mode? Maybe for a profile?

I'm looking forward to receiving my DNA200 mod mostly because I want to try stainless steel. Nickel is to low resistance and soft, titanium is too springy and titanium oxide, dicodes / nife30 is only available as 29GA.

Stainless steel wire has been used quite a bit already and sounds like a good and healthy alternative. People also say it tastes very clean.

Please do everything to support more wire choices! Thank you.

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