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HOTCIG DX200 Battery not charged - flashing charger lights, DNA200 won't stay on, EScribe fix.


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Unbelievably I am late to the DNA200 party. I guess this thing came out a few months ago. I musta been snoozing!

So when I woke up late last week, I ordered a board from Evolv and a HOTCIG from FT on the same day and low and behold the HOTCIG only arrived three days later. Of course the 1550B box I put the board and a 2200mah 3s in worked like a champ, but the HOTCIG was a different story.

Press the fire button and the Evolv DNA 200 screen would come up then default screen and immediately go away. Put it on a USB charge overnight and same thing. Now this is an Anker 2.4A per port with Anker 21AWG 1ft. USB cable. So I'm thinking oh great I got a bad one. Then I read the USB port 1A limit on the board. Hmmm. Well that should be plenty maybe the pack is below the charge threshold. Ok so I take the battery pack off and charge it with its included balance charger. Within a few seconds the flashing red and green lights on the balance charger stopped flickering and became solid.

Shazam, 1 hour later and solid green light on included balance charger. Attach battery and it powered up but battery icon showed empty. Hmm. Well ok let's see what EScribe makes of it and SHAZAM! Plugged into computer, Launched EScribe immediately received message that firmware needed updating, updated it. Then got message that configuration is not complete so reset to defaults.

Fixed. Battery indicator showed full, vapes and USB charges like the homebrew, everything works like it should, cells showed 4.2V each.

Thought I would post this in case anybody else runs into same issue on the HOTCIG. Don't fret, charge the battery with the included balance charger then EScribe it.

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