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Size Lineup


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Here is a lineup of some mods that might be interesting for size comparison.

1. (Leftmost) Pioner4U Seven30 converted from SX300 (DNA40 - 26650)
2. Hana style DIY (DNA40 - 18650)
3. YiHi SX Mini M-Class (SX350J - 18650)
4. Joyetech Evic VT
5. HOTCIG DX200 (DNA200 900mah LIPO)
6. 1550B DIY (DNA200 2200mah LIPO)
7. SMY260 (3 - 18650's)
8. Hammond 1590NBK (Blank Box)
Center is a Smoktech Guardian 2 Epipe



A couple of notes I found while searching for batteries and enclosures:

There is a mah to wh calculator just google for it. 900mah @11.1V is 9.99wh, 2200mah @11.1V is 24.42wh. Useful for setting in EScribe.

E-Flite batteries are rated high for quad copters but they are pricey so I went with an inexpensive Venom 20C 3S which is more than adequate for the DNA200 23A max input current. 20C continuous discharge x 2200mah = 44A.

The Venom fits snugly in a 1550B and swims in a 1590N. Board with through hole button shafts, battery, 510 and XT60 connectors all fit in a 1550B. Battery is quite snug so it won't rattle or move.


Although I don't have one, I think the Alpinetech 1590B is a better choice - no slant and no lid screws. But it is ever so slightly shorter. So the Venom listed as 106mm installed with leads parallel to the end squeezes in the 1550B which is 110mm minimum inner box height. But I'd bet trimming the plastic wrapper back so the leads flop out the opposite direction and the 108mm inner height of the Alpinetech will work. Don't know but I bet it would.

I left the XT60 female on the battery and soldered an XT60 male pigtail to the DNA200. That way it is easy to swap battery pack if needed with my quad copter.

The E-Flite uses EC2 connectors. Although EC2 can be "forced" into an XT60 it is best not to.  If you want the E-Flite, best to solder an EC2 pigtail to the DNA200 or if you also have an xt60 quad copter and want battery interchangeability and the E-Flite, you could always cut the EC2 off and solder an XT60 on the battery leads.

Final note, there are some interesting battery finder web tools like at hobbyking where you can input your dimensions and find the battery for your enclosure. Fitting larger batteries like 3000+mah I found require an enclosure I didn't want to live with, whether too thick, tall or wide or combinations thereof. You may have better luck.

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