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High cell voltage, low watt hour glitch


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Woke up this morning to my 200 being a little sassy; screen was off and would display the welcome screen for a split second if I clicked the fire button. It would show both welcome screens then the menu if I held the button, but the battery meter showed it completely depleted. When I plugged it up, the total cell voltage was 12.1v, which is around where I left it last night, but the watt hour was less that 0.5. I had it mostly charged last night before going to bed, so I knew this wasn't right. Plugged it up to escribe and did a soft reboot; now the meter and watt hour are correct and all is functioning correctly. 

Odd little glitch, just wanted to post about it so it is known. I'll update my post if it happens again or if I have any other issues with this chip/battery. 

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