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board dead now shorts where there shouldn't be!


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Hi, I hope someone can help, I built my mod a week ago and everything was working perfectly, i have run all the production tests, battery analyser, and case analyser. 

everything was working perfectly until just now!

I had the unit hooked up to escribe and it was great then as i took it off of the` mini usb i heard a 'pop'
and the screen went blank.on inspection the fuse had blown.

fortunately i ordered a spare fuse just in case when i ordered the board but before .replacing it i took the board off and visually inspected it to make sure there were no obvious signs of metal contactin metal where it shouldnt. i couldn't see any so replaced the fuse (not straight but good contact)

plugged in the battery and 'pop' again fuse 2 down the drain!

So did some continuity testing 

B- to B+  = open as expected
B+ to bottom of blown fuse = short as expected
B- to top of blown fuse =short not expected 
therefore when the fuse is intact the battery terminals are effectively shorted.

I needn't have gone on but here are some other readings for information

B- to three ground = short as expected
B- to ground 501 output =short as expected
B- to +ve 501 output = Short, not expected
i cut off the 501 connector to check that was not a problem and it wasn't

B- is also shorted to outboard switch pins No 2,3,6  expected
and the three mounting hole pads. also expected

the 4 conections for the balance port have no shorts between themselves, nor B+ and B-

any ideas, or is the board shot?

if so what do i do next?

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