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Feature Request: Suggestion "NO AUTO DOWNLOAD SETTINGS OPTION"

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Sorry if this has been asked or suggested before ..

It is just a minor annoyance, that you spend time working on settings, and MAYBE forget to save them and the box downloads settings when you plug it in.

At least in my case if I load up a profile in escribe that means I am ready to load it, not have to load it again after I plug the box in.

If there is some major reason for this that I am missing , call me stupid, it's ok.

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You can actually hit Undo after it downloads settings. That said, I've added this to the 1.0.35 2015-10-20 EScribe. Most people benefit from the automatic download of settings (otherwise, you end up with blank, default Evolv settings at startup), but for folks who want to do it manually, it can now be turned off.

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