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Problems with Vapor Shark DNA 200


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Great mod but having two problems with this device in TC mode. 
First problem is that when I press the fire button it sometimes doesn't produce any vape. I have a nickel clapton reading at .07ohms at 450F @70W and randomly when I press the fire button the screen says 800F at .01W. I put the same atty on my opus200 and hanamodz v200 and it works perfectly fine. If anyone has had the same issues and know what the problem is that would be great to know. 

The next problem is that in TC, the device is not reading the resistance correctly. The same build from above would always ask me if it's a new coil at .15 ohms. While I vape the resistance reading keeps increasing to .10,.13 and .15. I think it's ground issues with the 510 connection. I know it's not my builds bc when I put the same atty on my Opus200 and Hanamodz V200, it reads properly at .07ohm and it never fluctuates. 

Does anyone else who has a VS DNA200 see that their board was customized in Rhode Island?

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Sounds like an increasingly poor mechanical connection.  Did you check the VS's center pin?  I've had mine stick down before but that's likely due to the fact that I'm a sloppy dripper.  I also noticed that their 510 connector is quite deep, perhaps the atty you are using is just barely able to reach the center pin.  Check it in atomizer analyzer.

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Brandon thanks for the response. I'm pretty sure it's due to the deep 510 center pin. I have the same build on my Petri and Origenny but those seems to be read at the proper resistance. Only my velocity and marquis are giving me problems but when I put it on my opus and Hana it doesn't give me any problems. When I put the velocity and marquis in the atty analyzer, it gives me higher than normal resistances or sometimes an error message.

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Spoke with VS and sending it back to have it looked at by their techs. Great customer service!!!

Brandon said:

Yeah, it sounds like those 2 are having trouble making a solid connection.  I spoke with their tech support a few minutes ago and made them aware.

The problem really resides in the lack of a standard for 510.

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