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Autofire prevention

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Yes, some configurability for this in Escribe could be nice to have. Maybe something like this:

Max fire time: X seconds (20 seconds is the default - say I would like to lower mine to 10 seconds).

What to do when max fire time limit is reached:
1) Stop firing.
2) Stop firing, cooldown Y seconds before it will fire again.
3) Lock mod.

And a separate setting for "sleep":
Auto lock mod after Z minutes of inactivity (0 minutes means no auto lock).

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That would be great.

On another note, has anyone mod attempted to fire while just sitting(button not pressed)?

Today I was cleaning my top cap and I started to hear something coming from my Hcigar DNA200 mod. At closer inspection, my mod was firing for a fraction of a sec every 3-5 seconds. I fired it using button then it stopped autofiring. Weirdest thing I've seen so far. I guess that's the 25% that folks were saying about any mod will autofire. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

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