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A bit worried it is more than just the battery...


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Hey people. 

I, like you all, assume it is indeed the battery at fault, which it definitely partly is.

BUT, and a big BUT, when I connect the mod without battery, it boots up as DNA200-Warranty service, and then shows watts and the profile adjustment-I just can't obviously use it till the battery comes. 

But due to getting the warranty error come up on device on connection to Escribe, is there something wrong inside the device? 

As I expected it to just show DNA200 then boot to the profile, not show warranty issue before it goes to that screen. 

Is it just because the chip remembers the last battery was a damaged one, and when I connect the working one it should be fine? I am sure it is not the fuse-as I have NOT messed up positive and negative at any point. 

So, anyone got any ideas? Is it just the battery-or does the whole unit need to go back? 

I am a bit scared of sending the whole unit back to China incase I never received another one in its place, as they are already sending me a new battery. 

I panic a lot due to my brain damage, (I am not bad, it just effected my emotions and thinking) and am scared I will get the new battery, and it won't work, and then I've chucked away nearly a hundred pounds. 

So, it is definitely NOT the fuse as someone here stated, I just want clarification it is indeed the battery-as even not connected I still get the warranty issue before it boots. 

I think I will put it away until I get the new battery otherwise I will just work myself up, over probably nothing. 

Hope you can help me out, Conan.

AM I getting the error because no battery at all is connected? I am just trying to work out why I am still getting it. 

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Ok- I installed a turngy Li-Po today-and guess what? Its not working! 

Its taking a charge-but as soon as you take it off of USB it powers off, and it also wont fire, it says 'OHM TOO HIGH" when they are most definitely not. 

So, what is wrong with my device? I am very upset now, my most expensive mod, and its not working at all. I feel like throwing it in the bin now and just getting a new one next month. 

Anyone that can help me solve this-please help me. I feel like losing my mind with my problems over this. I thought owning a DNA200 would be great-and It was. I do not blame evolv here, just hotcig and gearbest. 

Any idea why it is showing Ohm's too high with a perfectly good turnigy battery installed correctly? It is showing as balanced correctly and charged correctly in Escribe-but it wont fire ANY atomiser-it just says "ohms too high" when they are definitely not, in live view the are 0.09 for ni200 and 0.0157 for dual titanium. It wont even fire kanthal. 

What can be causing ohms too high? I genuinely feel like crying, I have spent money to get this working and it is not even the battery, it seems to be the actual mod. 

I can't even sell it on I doubt to get some money back to buy a device from the UK. All I can do is wait till next payday to get another DNA200, probably the Hcigar vt200 as its what I can afford in the UK, but due to my issues I do NOT like waiting. It is going to be an awful month until I get payed. 

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