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Hana Modz V200 dead/not functioning


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My Hana V200 are not functioning after received less than 48 hours.
I can't connect to my PC, since Escribe can't detect my mod. I can't charge my mod, and no firing at all. can anyone help me?
Once received yesterday, i already update my firmware, and less than 48 hours suddenly my mod not functioning, screen appears nothing. 

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Interesting. I updated my Hana yesterday and it started getting crazy readings from .07 to .19? higher than it should be. And it keeps fluctuating. I took it apart and tried cleaning the ground contacts under the board and it didn't help. 

I updated my VS DNA200 and 3d printed DNA200 and those are working fine. 

I tried a few different atomizers and all were reading high on the v200. Just updated to the previous version (2015-8-21) and it's not fluctuating but still reading about .11? higher than it should be.

9-30 firmware is working fine on my VS DNA200 and 3d printed DNA200. 

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