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I am running MS Windows 8.1 version 6.3.9600 on a x64 based pc -


I upgraded from 2015-08-21 straight to  After upgrading the "help menu" about escribe reflected the new version.  The "device monitor" still reported the version as 2015-08-21.  The "watts press" and "hold increments" could be changed but when uploaded to devices DID NOT WORK.


I rolled back to 2015-9-30.  Help/About Escribe still reports the previous version I had just rolled back from  Device Monitor accurately reports 2015-09-30. The watt "press & hold" increments work as intended in 2015-09-30.


I upgraded 1 more time to  (hoping I had done something wrong) but the afore mentioned problems ALL still exist.  The watt "press & hold" features quit working when upgraded to again.

I'm new to Escribe and the DNA 200.  I was trying to confuse (or combine) Escribe update and board firmware revisions.  Sorry guys! 

I can't imagine what we will be doing in 5 years but I look forward to the ride.  You guys ROCK!


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