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HCigar VT200 -- DNA 200 mod. Noobish question.

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Please feel free to point me to a link or tutorial that goes over the escribe settings, but I'm kind of lost in terms of getting to a nice warm vape.

I picked this up because, well--I'm a flavor chaser and any mod that can give me more control over warmth, throat hit and taste, I'm all over it.

I'm generally running Kanger Subtanks with NI200 coils and even after resetting my likely wrong settings via escribe back to default I'm just finding it very hard to get a warm vape at all.

Currently my coil ohms are at .19, temp is at 490 at watts are at 23. I hit 490 in a heart beat and get okish vapor but no warmth.

If someone could give me an example of settings or things i could try and adjust it would be most appreciated.



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