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NiChrome 80 TRC


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Skineedog - First off Nichrome 80 is not suitable as a temp control wire. neither is Nichrome 60. 
Wire Wizard does have the TFR values for all the wires in the menu, however that does not mean they will all do temp control.
Wire wizard allows you to design hybrid coils mixing a strand of temp control wire with non temp control. Ex. 1 strand of 28ga Nickel twisted with 1 strand of 28ga Nichrome 80. It that example the Nickel core is what makes temp control possible, but the strand of Nichrome 80 about doubles the resistance allowing a more compact coil. The TCR/TFR of the non temp control wire must be known to calculate the correct combined TFR/TCR of the hybrid coil.
I'd recommend keeping it simple & just start with Nickel if your not allergic. Once you have some experience with that then try NiFe 52 & you'll be happy:thumb: 

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WileE - Thanks for the reply. I was educated in another post regarding NiChrome. I shoulda done my homework... :( Personally I don't care for the taste of nickel. Some of my nickel builds turn out ok but most have a taste which I really don't care for....

Regarding NiFe 52; Why the preference for 52 vs 30? I read on another forum someone swearing by 30.

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