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Recieved my hotcig back today-100% working and so happy with Evolv.


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Hi people. 

You may remember I had to RMA my hotcig DNA 200, that came with a bad battery as well.

Well, today I finally got the hotcig in the post (It was 8 days, well within what Evolv said) I connected the new battery-and for the first time ever was welcomed with a DNA200 that turns on without a computers help! 

I am currently charging the mod, I am doing the first charge in Escribe, and have created 4 profiles for NI200, TI, SS, and Kanthal. 

I have changed the preheat from 200W to around 80W, with a punch of about 6, across them all (apart from kanthal, TC is obviously off for that).

Now-I can safely charge my mod without Escribe cant I? I am only doing the first charge in Escribe as the battery was ever so slightly out of balance-not damaged, but cell 1 was .2V less than the others.

Once I have it all set up, how I like it-can I just charge with a 1A , 5V usb wall adapter? As this will be much faster for me-double the speed than in escribe. 

I just want to make sure I wont damage my DNA 200 charging it this way.

I was so impressed with Evolv-that I ordered a DNA200 Wismec Realaux, from the UK. I shopped around for the best price, but got it from a reputable store-it should be in stock the end of next week-so for now its just the hotcig I will mainly be using. 

So, I am safe to use the 1A, 5V wall USB charger yes?

I want to say a huge thank you to Evolv, and also paypal. 

Gearbest and hotcig screwed me over, but paypal refunded me everything that I lost and no cost to gearbest-as gearbest would not even refund paypal, let alone me. 

So, could some people please let me know after this first charge on Escribe, can I use the wall adapter safely? 

Thank you all. 

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dasfast said:

As long as you have uploaded the correct Wh that corresponds with your lipo pack to the board you should be fine charging the battery with a wall charger.

It is a 10 W/H battery- Escribe suggested 9.99 W/Hs though so I went with that. 

That will be OK yeah? If I went ABOVE the W/h's I guess it would try and overcharge the battery would it? Or would my battery meter just be off? 

Thanks everyone, Conan. 
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