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Feature Request: Increase the Number of Available Profiles

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I'd say doubling the profiles to 16 would be my sweet-spot (for being round-robin-friendly).

User configurable would be ideal.

We have so many wire types, different profiles to experiment with for a given wire type, atomizers, pre-heat punch settings, etc.; 8 ain't enough.

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Gm111 said:

This is something the Evolv team can't do, the board hasn't got enough free memory to have more than 8 profiles @Jalcide

Thanks for the reply, Gm. Let me apologize in advance for my incredulity, but can you point me to the post that explains this? I tried searching the forums, but didn't see it mentioned. Or, is it just a hunch you have?

Because from what I've gathered, from this post where Administrator talks about what's possible for future updates, it's mentioned that, "...we have a fair amount of code space and ram left."


The textual information comprising the fields, required for a profile, is really, really tiny. Even by small, custom chip standards. So, I'd be stunned if a modest amount, like 8 more, isn't possible.

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I'm unsure now but this is what info I had, maybe I'm not understanding this right


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68F will be fine. You do not need to normalize to 70F with the more recent firmwares. It's a good idea to normalize to *some* temperature, though, as the EScribe curve editor only ranges from 0.1 to 10. :)

We can handle as many points as the internal curve storage allows. The storage space is shared between the curves of all profiles and the battery discharge curve. Our default Ni200 curve has 6 segments (7 points), and I was able to split to 22 before it ran out of space. So the practical limit is 8 segments (9 points) before you'll run out of space if you load the curve onto all 8 profiles. If you don't need it for all profiles, of course, you can do more.

There is a feature presently hidden that you may find useful: Go to Help->About and left click the Evolv logo seven times. That will unlock the "Reduce Number of Points" option in General->Material Profile->Special. When it removes points, it chooses segments that are closest to linear first, so that you don't end up losing meaningful detail.
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Thanks. Interesting. That sounds more like an arbitrary, self-imposed, limit for a coding construct to hold points on a curve (curves used in various places).

I'm pretty sure that's not RAM related, for new features, in general.

As for more profiles, it sounds like it may be artificially limited by whatever construct is holding those curve points.

They could probably allocate more space for them, but how much, remains a mystery.

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