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Vari-volt ?


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Hello all !

this my first post and the reason why I registered to the forum :)

Will there be in a next future a way to have the dna200 work as variable volt.

I understand that TC is better and Watts are perfect but I really would like to have this function as I'm very used to it and pleased with it.

Thanks for the reply

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I can't answer your question, but personally I doubt it will happen.

What you could do is to adjust the watts, fire the mod, and read the volts off of the screen. Then you adjust up or down depending on what voltage you want. Repeat until you're where you want to be. Or fire the mod, read the resistance, plug it into some ohm's law calculator together with your prefered voltage, to figure out what the power setting needs to be.

What I'll recommend is to simply get used to adjusting the power. You'll become comfortable with it in no time, and I promise you, you won't regret it.

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