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Black screen need help


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I bought a Hana V200 around 3-4 months ago.

It worked fine for a while but I noticed some screen flickering every once in a while.  Slowly it got worse and the screen would not light up as much as before.  Only when you hold the fire button down the screen lights up, but as soon as you let go of the button it goes black again.  

It keeps getting worse... now even if you press and hold the fire button the screen stays black and I need to keep pressing it a few times to see the screen light up.  Afaik all the functions work correctly, such as putting wattage up and down, and firing.  Though there are times the mod randomly feels like it's getting very hot where it makes me feel uncomfortable.  

Anyways the inability to see the screen really sucks.  Is this something that can be fixed by software or did I get a lemon dna200 chip?

edit: I left the mod charging on my laptop and stopped using for today and the battery does charge albeit slowly.  So the main issue is the screen being black / not lightning up properly.

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