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Need help setting up a Wismec Reuleaux


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This is the first time i have used escribe. The first thing i did when i plugged in my device was adjust the battery type, im using 3 lg he4's so im getting 27.75 watt hours. However, i am pretty confused because on wismecs site they are providing me with 2 downloads, one is an evolv update and the other is the reuleaux settings file. Im not sure why they provided the evolv update because escribe is supposed to automatically keep my chip up to date, but i went ahead and used it to update anyways. The other file, im not even sure what it is. When i open it up, it just opens up escribe. I read that it had some stuff that was geared towards the reuleaux, but i cant find any difference when i use it side by side with escribe. Maybe im not using the file properly? Can someone tell me what to do with the Reuleaux dna200 settings file? I did the whole interactive tutorial for escribe and it didnt answer my question.

Link: http://www.wismec.com/product/reuleaux-dna200/

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The first file you reference is the eScribe software. It's not necessary to download that from Wismec's site. The most current eScribe software and DNA 200 firmware can be found directly on this site at:


The second file you reference is just a settings file that populates eScribe with Wismec's recommended settings for the Reuleaux. It's a good place to start, particularly for the Reuleaux's thermal characteristics and mod resistance. In terms of the battery, however, you would be better served to use a Wh capacity setting that is appropriate for your particular cells, as the one in Wismec's settings file is fairly conservative.

Also, in terms of soft cell cutoff, the Wismec settings file uses 2.8v. There is a fair amount of discussion/debate on these forums as to what is the best cutoff voltage to use. Evolv's default is 3.09v, which is a decent compromise between runtime and overall longevity of your battery, but that default is optimized for a 3S Lipo pack. Lithium-ion 18650 cells have a similar but slightly different discharge profile as compared to their Lipo counterparts, so you might be better served with a low voltage cutoff for your Reuleaux that's slightly lower than the 3.09v Evolv default. Again, Wismec puts it at 2.8v, but that might be just a tad on the low side, particularly when you understand how the DNA 200's soft cell cutoff feature works. Perhaps something around 2.9v would be a better compromise, but this is a personal choice and is not critical to getting a very satisfying vape from this device.

EDIT:  Be sure to click 'Upload Setting to Device' once you have everything to your liking.

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