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2 Hcigar VT200s went bad


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Bought my first VT200 less than 2 months ago at a local shop for $190. In a week it failed. It would not charge for me anymore. Took it back to the local shop. Gave me a new one with no hassle. A month and a half later(2 days ago) the replacement is now going bad. Sometimes it wont even turn on, unless I plug the charger into it. It gets really warm while charging now. It never used to. It gets really warm if i use it. The tank gets hot now, so I don't bother using it anymore. I called the local shop, they are bummed to. He said bring it in. Hopefully I can get something different. Any other mod there will be far less money anyway. I don't want another VT200. These things are shit. Some people say they fail sometime after you've used TC mode... idk im not taking the chance with another one.

Its too bad I really liked this mod.

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good news, the gentleman at the local shop hooked me up with a temporary mod. he said he has some new 200w mods coming in a couple days. he told me to come back to swap the hcigar for either the new Segeli 200w mod or a Reuleaux 200w mod. Im leaning towards the Reuleaux

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