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Feature Request: Enable/Disable Power Supply mode without escribe.

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I designed by box to be able to use a lipo as well as a 12v power supply. The only downside is I can only switch between the two if I can connect it to a computer with Escribe. I'd like to be able to use my vapestation at my desktop, get in the car and use it off the cigarette lighter than switch it to battery mode when I've reached my destination. The problem is the only way I can do this is if I bring a laptop which is a pita. So I'm requesting a firmware update to allow this switching using the onboard buttons. I really hope this would be possible!

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I assumed there was but I couldn't find it when searching. Thanks.

Edit: That thread was mostly people trying to figure out ways of tricking the board. My request was simply to allow the switching using the onboard buttons instead of using escribe which is why it was posted in this sub.

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I made my box the same way.. and I've found that you can set it to LiPo battery and use external power supply (Directly to one of my wheelchair batteries) if you make a jumper/patch cable with an xt(30 or 60 depending what's on your battery), connector on one end and a balance plug on the other and three 10k resistors in series in between and wire to the balance plug this way:

You can then leave it in Lithium Polymer mode and vape on external PS... when you unplug the patch cable and plug in the battery just make sure you have unplugged the external

This is my passthru with the patch cable on:

there's the three 10k resistors in series in the black square wrap, I wrapped double sides foam tape around then black electricians tape over that just to make it sturdy when I up plug it for the battery... It works great this way, I've been using it like this for several weeks now... Note: if it ever starts saying "Check Battery" while on external, just unplug from ext ps, wait about 30 seconds and plug back in and it chugs on... Note 2: Use very high quality resistors, or the batt levels will fluctuate and it won't read correctly... I got this from an admin

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