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i need help


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I believe Chucky meant 30A. Example (2000 mAh / 1000) * 15C = 30A; 25A works fine. The batteries configurations that work are: 2S or 3S LiPo/LiFePO4/IMR lithium (e.g. 18650's) rated for a constant 23A with a Balancer (JST-XH). The board has a 25A fused Input limit. The safest batteries are safe chemistry 18650's and LiFePO4 packs.

Considerations: Frankly my favorite DNA 200 Mod is a simple (2S) dual 18560, you're limited to 133W but I can swap the batteries in <20 seconds. Next is Vapor Shark DNA 200 because it's small and has a 2A charger, and the new Reuleaux DNA 200 with triple 18650's. Even my 2000+ LiPo is a pain, it's big and takes a rather longtime to charge. 

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Yesterday my Vapor Shark DNA 200 screen went dark the weird part is escribe does recognize it. And the screen comes on when charging but it will not function other than that. I've tried a soft and hard reboot. I've tried to contact Vapor Shark on the phone and email haven't been able to get through to them hoping there is something I can do to bring my baby back to life

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