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Any thoughts on this strange device monitor?


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The two black lines you see are battery pack voltage, and band gap.  


I'm pretty sure band gap is supposed to be over 1 volt, and this one just happens to be floating around .9 but never actually hitting 1 volt.   This would be a good time to also ask, if band gap is below 1 volt is that a definite problem?

The board is giving the customer all sort of problems, but most the time, the display will not turn on.  Sometimes won't even connect to escribe.  When it does connect the device display turns on though.

Thank you for any help at all.

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Very strange I duplicated your setup on a 5 second wide window and my results look normal. On your graph I noticed that your cell voltages differ by 0.9 volts and your total pack voltage is unstable. I'm wondering if you have wiring problems from your battery to the board? Especially the way your pack voltage drops out like it does??? Perhaps try a USB recovery charge from the advanced tab in the diagnostic section of the monitor?


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Hey David, it appears your LiPo is out of balance, and the Balancer / charging is starting and stopping. Fully charge your 'pack' and then compare, if you can't get all of the cells the same voltage using the onboard charger then use an external charger / balancer. In addition, I assume you're running the Battery Analyzer on all of your different LiPo's.

You might find this interesting https://youtu.be/wIbHLacozFo

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