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correct battery settings dual 18650 dna200


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Have received a dual 18650 dna200 mod Want to check I have the correct calculations Using two sony vtc5 batteries 2600mah 3.7v My calculation is 5200mah × 3.7v/1000 = 19.24 Think I'm right but wouldn't mind confirmation Thanks in advance Glen

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The Theoretical vs Reality -- If you're running a flashlight with nearly no load maybe, or you don't care about the battery charging properly nor the discharge indicator then use those settings. Additionally, the standard battery profile discharge isn't for a Sony VTC5.

The Evolv DNA 200 Battery Profile, Wh and Cutoff in practice represent the battery with a Load on the battery that represents typical usage. I'm posting actual settings and a battery profile for a new matched set in 2S configuration with 10A draw (40W). IF the load exceeds >10A or higher you can potentially generate 'Weak Battery' and other battery related errors. Using the default battery configuration is a guarantee to problems. The reason no or very few batteries on the DNA 200 have 'rated' Wh is simple, 10A isn't 0.5A and both the battery's efficiency and heat (waste) through internal resistance and a higher cutoff to ensure stability. Sony, LG, Samsung, .. all that offer a performance data sheet will show a lower Wh rating at high (10A) draw verses the rated (0.5A) draw.

Lastly, if you typically vape at 15A-20A load on the battery then I'd strongly recommend you run your own Battery Analyzer, it's easy and takes couple hours or so depending on the Load.

Battery Profile (2S Sony VTC5) - http://www.filedropper.com/2ssonyvtc5batteryprofile

Actual settings:
Capacity 17.13
Cutoff 2.5V


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