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[Feature Request] 1-cell Option (26650/18650)

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Would it be possible to have the option under the "Baterry" for a 1-cell? For example a 66w 26650 : ) or even one 18650? Don't always need the 200w or 133w, but don't want to sacrifice the Escribe capabilities. Got then 66w by dividing 133w 2-cell option, maybe 75w would be better option?

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Here's the original explanation of why the DNA200 won't work on a single cell.

John said:

The charger only steps voltage up. The board only steps voltage down, and the internal logic needs at least 5v to run. 

If you run from single cell, which is 3-4.2v, the charger will not be able to control charging, because it can put out a minimum of 4.5 volts. The board would only be able to put out 3v, and at any rate neither system would turn on. 

I'm not saying it isn't possible. I am saying this board can't do it. 

The reference design, with a 3s battery in it, is significantly smaller than a classic Hana, so you don't have to get particularly big to get the feature set. You can even turn the max power down and run a 3s battery that is smaller than an 18650 if you are so inclined. You just can't do it from a single cell with this particular board. 

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