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Vt200 battery analyzer error


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i just done my battery analyzer but i cannot load my file, it comes up with an error saying

"The CVS file must have two columns, and at least 2 rows."

i open it note pad and its just loads of numbers and its pretty long too, no idea how to idea this information. at the end result i got 10.502, would this mean my capacity is 10.5wh? Can someone please help me?


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Yes, 10.5 Wh.  You can make 2 differient files the test results that you can use in other programs like Excel and the battery profile.

A profile will look like this for a Turnigy naon-tec 950 mAh
"Battery Charge (%)","Cell Voltage (V)"


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Thanks for the quick reply. Can I just open it in excel and the columns and rows will be sorted? The information looks kinda crazy to me lol. Mine has: Battery charge, cell voltage and cell 1,2,3. Have I done my analyzer wrong? I have seen others like yours and it is short, but my figures keep scrolling down the page for miles Thanks

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EScribe produces the profile, but you can also save the test results if you are interested in the detail of how your battery performed.  You may still have the profile, open EScribe in full screen, go to the mod tab then connect your device, if it has a non-standard curve I would expect it to change in EScribe when it downloads the settings from the device, you can then use the save button by the profile to save it.

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