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My Reuleaux Best Battery Configuration Settings Thus FAR!


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Took my about 2 months to get this thing to where I like it! 
Using 3 Authentic MXJO's 3000 mah 3.7V batteries. Beware of fakes.
Also, I changed my field one to show Battery Percentage which helped me create and test this chart. 
I vape a 0.10 ohm build at 120w.
I get the "weak battery" indicator message about 3 hits after my percentage hits 0%. (which is the BEST configuration I have created so far) I used to get the "weak battery" hours after it hit 0% which really bothered me. During testing other configurations I would get "weak battery" at 23% which still really bothered me. So far this is my Ultimate Configuration so that my battery meter / percentage is discharging accurately for what I see on my screen. There's so much crap to factor in but that will be another discussion. 

MOD > Manufacturing Settings > Battery

TYPE: Lithium Polymer 
Capacity: 33.3 Wh 3-cell
Cell Soft Cutoff: 3.09


Battery Charge (%)Cell Voltage (V)

For Battery Percentage Round to the nearest tenth or whole (random manual placements)
For Cell Voltage Round to the nearest thousandth (I jump by .5 per row) (ex. 3.35 to 3.4 to 3.45 and so on)

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ChunkyButt200 said:

authentic mxjo's? mxjo's are rewraps. most likely of lg hg2's. did u run battery analyzer or just use the watt hour calc? that's the best way to get an accurate meter, is through batt analyzer. glad to hear u got a good set up going after two months.

I could see fake mxjo's being re-wraps of the Hg2's. I doubt you would think the authentic are re-warps after making the comparison yourself which I have tried and yes I understand the results are subjective. To each their own. I was thinking of using the battery analyzer since is obviously the best option. But re-building and draining fully charged batteries for that test wasn't going to happen for me. My whole purpose for running into two months testing was to see if I could get the "weak battery" indicator as close to 0% as possible.  Just curious. Do you use percentage in one of your fields? At wat percent does your "weak battery" indicator start to appear?
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Mxjo are rewraps. lol There are only 5 companies that make 18650s Panasonic, lg, sony, Samsung and sanyo.  All the rest that these other companies have like efest, imren, mxjo and all others are rewraps of the main companies rejects that didn't pass q.e. inspections. If you are looking for a good 3000mah battery get some authentic lg hg2s

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Mooch (the authority on vaping batteries) said this about the MXJO 3000mAh:

"In my opinion, this is only a decent performing 15A-20A continuous discharge current (CDR) high capacity cell. Its capacity is about 12% lower than the LG HG2 and it runs a few degrees-C hotter."

At 10A, he got about 2700mAh out of it.  At 20A, he got around 2500mAh.

MXJO, like all rewrappers, lie about their specs.  This battery is not 3000mAh nor is it 35A.  it is basically a crappy version of the authentic LG HG2 (with less capacity and more heat).

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