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Dead battery!! Need helps!!!


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Anyone knows how to recover dead battery?  The battery that came with the vtbox200 just died on me (I haven't use that box for roughly a month after I got the reuleaux).  I charged externally and got 2 of the cells fully charged but 1 cell is 0.00v.  I run USB recovery on EScribe but it never went up and no charge sign as well.  Anyone knows a way to fix it?

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There could be a issue with the connection from lipo pack to board. I'm not sure if the VT200 has the battery soldered directly to the board, or if it has connectors. The solder connection could be loose if it's soldered in, or the connector to board solder joints could be loose if that's the case, as well as a loose connection in the actual connectors if they're there.

Also, you could've depleted your lipo pack too low, but I say it's HIGHLY unlikely to have depleted your lipo pack that low without it venting, as well as having two of the three cells in great shape. Once a 3S gets below about 2.5-2.8V it enters the venting danger zone, but the board as a cell cutoff so again, unlikely. There's most likely an issue with the battery to board connection, or maybe an overall board problem, but BtB connection is your most likely issue.

If you got the stones, tear it apart and check out the connections. It could be the battery itself though, as one cell being depleted could signal the 3S has lost an internal connection to one of the inner-3.7V cells within the pack, and it wouldn't necessarily mean the battery was ever in danger of venting. I'd say best case scenario, you tighten a connection/touch up a solder point or get an identical lipo pack to install in the mod, worst case scenario need a new board. But I doubt it's a board issue. Probably a build issue, or the pack itself as stated.

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