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VTBox200 by Vape Cige Bricked?


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I have had my VTBox 200 for about a week now and the mod has just died. No screen unless connedcted to USB and even then it won't recognise ANY atty I have. All have been used on it before with no problems, All work fine and fire on other mods.

I have tried install previous firmware, no change. Told it to soft reboot, no change, hard reboot no change.

Is it stuffed or should I be trying something else? HEEEEEEEELP!!!!!

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OK so this is what I have done so far.

Disconnected and reconnected battery.
Hard reboot
Reset setting to default.
Reset to Evolve standard in the File tab.
Loaded previous firmware, no change to mod
Updateds to newest firmware, no change to mod

No change in the mod. If disconnected from the USB the screen is dead.

If connected to the USB the mod basically works.

But fire without an atty on and the screen shows the normal check atomizer message.
Attach an atty and then the screen cycles quite quickly from the normal screen for firing to check atomizer and back 2-3 times a second at a guess.

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ever get the "warranty service" message? sounds to me like you're going to need a new board. can you RMA the device to the vendor you purchased the vtbox from? still under warranty? if not, you can desolder, or have a friend desolder the board from the mod and send it to evolv, since they offer a six month warranty to the original owner with their boards. if you go the evolv route, open a ticket with them, be patient for a response and they'll send you an RMA form.

Image result for dna 200 fuse

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OK. Thanks for the reply. I'm waiting for a rfesponse from my local vendor now. Normally he's pretty good with his gear due to being in Thailand. Hopefully he will replace the whole unit for me, he may even want to deal with evolve if he bought direct from them. That is my problem you see. Living in Thailand the importation and sale of vape gear is banned, although vaping is not, and any good caught in transit are confiscated. If I can get a replacement it is better as I don't know yet where he got his supplies from.

If I have no joy I will go to Evolve myself. Thanks again for the help very much appreciated.

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ridiculous vape bans. you'd think governing bodies would support vaping and not do the complete opposite. i hope you get your mod sorted out quickly. the board may have been damaged during assembly. and now after a week the problem is presenting itself. it happens. you gotta think how many mods are assembled in an assembly line in china, a few bunk ones are bound to make it past QC. don't give up on the dna board, it's the latest and greatest board out. i have four and all work as intended.;) 

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Just gone back to TC after trying some of the early attempts. I wasn't having a good vape at all then in TC, but now with this board I have to say I will be sticking to it. I can get all I want from it and refine it to suit my preferences much better.

A shame about the board crapping out but sometimes this happens and if I get good back up from Evolve at least I will have no problems continuing using it.

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