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Feature request: New set of "Fields" in screen tab.

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I know there is a thread about showing TEMP instead of WATTAGE while in temp mode (or at least an option to).

In addition (or alone) I would LOVE to see a third set of "fields" -- temp mode fields.

These are generally my default settings.  When I use a temp control atty I manually go in and change the default fields.  Wouldn't it be great if there were default fields for when the device is using temp control?

Make sense?


Temp Field 1: Wattage
Temp Field 2: Temp
Temp Field 3: Last Temp

Assuming the Temp/Watt swap happens that is being requested by many.  

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This would definatly make it easier for some and maybe add a preheat adjustment via mod for those that want to change on the go or those that don't have access to a windows pc and don't want to deal with parallels, I know escribe is brilliant but being able to adjust everything we need to vape via the mod Is the future (preheat maybe just have the punch & time as standard, tcr, maybe having an atomiser analyser as a profile so you can build away from the pc)..

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