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Thank you evolve and steve

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Sent the device in that would not power on. Didn't have much hope since the vendor who sold it to me refused to rma or refund (avoid gearbest at all costs) after a few weeks of use. Evolve said send it in let is check it out. Today my hotcig arrived in fully working order. What a class act. So amazed at the great communication and service. Outstanding company. U have a loyal fan and customer folks! Well done. Thank you so much.

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your not the first i hear with simular story. 
Evolv has earned my respect and most likely the respect of the vaping community. 
Evolv is not bound by any laws to provide this support, yet when the producents fail to live up to their end of the bargain, the guys at evolv try and help the best they can.
Thumbs up!

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