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304 Stainless Temp Curve?


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Icemanxxxv said:

My temp curve looks like a crack addicts EKG. I'm using Steam Engines Wire Wizard for my cvs. file. Can I smooth it out. As far as the Vape goes it's fine. The coil is 6/7 wrap 24 gauge 304 stainless on a 2.5 ID spaced coil.

you can smooth it out some. keep your wattage low so you don't quite reach your set temp. once you reach your set temp with hi wattage, as you know, the dna has a difficult time regulating the temp. doable but not exactly like the smoothness of an ni build. also, make sure you have no preheat stage for SS. i make sure my build is solid, lock the ohms, you'll never get a super smooth temp line in DM with SS. if you like the vape, then don't worry about.
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thanks for that tip dude.

I was finding the same issue. it was spikeing with my SS builds. set preheat time to 0 and lowered the watts by 10 and its a nice curve upto temp and holds there with a saturated wick, where as before it was all over the shop.

When the wick runs dry it starts to spike and trough but its 10x better now.


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