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Mod says its at 400deg but no steam coming off the coils


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Reuleaux in TC with a dual 23ga NiFe52 everything works fine on first connection and until the mod goes to sleep. When I wake it the coil is reading .10 instead of the .13 it's starts off with and the mod will not get hot it says it's at max temp 400 but barely any steam is coming off the coils. If I pull the batteries it will reread and work fine till asleep again. What is my issue???
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it's what evolv calls "refinement" you can either :    

a.) lock your resistance at .13 this will prevent the dna 200 from changing your resistance. allowing you to have consistency over accuracy.

b.)do not lock your ohms and let refinement happen. the dna 200 will "refine" (lower) your ohms down to .10 then simply turn your temp up (higher than 400°. (try 450°F - 500°F). allowing you to have accuracy over consistency. 

"refinement" is meant to make your device more accurate in terms of your temperature setting.

hope this helps!:)

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