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Csv vs profile save files in escribe

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Csv files vs profile file (I forget the extension)... I am new to this and recently I downloaded the newest escribe and upgraded the firmware of my Vaporshark and they also sent me an updated csv file for the lavabox.. What is the csv file? I am more interested in profile files for different coils in different tanks, I.e. Crown Ni200, herkales plus TC ni200 coil, etc.. Does anyone know where to find different profiles for all the different tanks and tank coils? It appears that the csv file just adjusts the power curve. Thanks! DJ

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The csv will be either a wire/material profile or a battery discharge profile, the first you would load in the Materials tab, the second in the Mod tab under Manufacture Settings.  The device settings have and .ecig file extension and the 8 profiles have an .ecigprofile file extension.

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