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Reuleax - Won't stay on?


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My device will not stay on unless plugged in, I literally just got it back today from Evolv RMA.  I have tried everything from different firmware all the way up to the latest, hard reboots, everything I can think of.

The device simply will not stay on unless plugged in, if I hold the power button down it stays on with batteries only, obviously this is wrong.  I checked the device monitor and it states (with 3 batteries in it) roughly cell 1 around 2.50 V, cell 2 at 0.01 V and cell 3 at 2.50 V without the 3rd battery, with 3rd battery it jumps to 5.80ish V

Also the plus and minus buttons are sticking now, as is the fire button (ie; acting as being held down at times, I have to fiddle with the button to stop it).

My device functioned perfectly fine before sending into RMA because of a blown fuse so I don't really understand what could be wrong at this point.
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BobC said:

Are you saying you sent it to Evolv to repair a blown fuse,and this is how they returned back to you? What caused the blown fuse?

Correct.  I have no idea what caused the blown fuse, mod shut off randomly one day around 60% battery, was told it was a fuse and sent it in, received mod in that condition.
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The fact the fuse blew in the first place is a problem, it wouldn't be up to Evolv to fix the device, just replace the fuse on the board, so you're back to the original problem.

To me, it sounds like you have a wiring problem, happened to me, so I re-wired everything but the 510

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take a very good look at the balance wires, insure they are in the correct position, and that all soldering points are solid. also check the jumpers on the board. that's where I found my problem and fixed this very issue.

oh, and your buttons are sticking most likely because the faceplate screws are torqued too tightly; they're the bottom four screws also holding in the battery sled.

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