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Reuleaux Display turns on every few minutes while charging


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Hi All

Could anyone shed some light on this issue?

I charge the device next to my bedside and while the device is charging the display comes on at firing brighness (100%) every few minutes.

The display brightness is set 0% (off) for charging screen in escribe.

Now ive only recently been charging the device next to me, so i cannot tell if it is a new issue with the latest 23rd February firmware or if it has done this all the time.

Hope to hear from someone soon!!

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Hi VapingBad

Thanks for replying so fast. I tried two different 0.5A and a 1A charger and its the same. I didn't try a different cable as i use this cable for other things too, but having said that maybe the DNA200 is picking up or exhibiting symptoms other devices do not and hence it may be a faulty cable. I will give it a try thanks. LOL when it first happened i jumped up and felt/smelt if it fired and it was ice cold so thankfully that is not the case.

Will let you know,

Cheers for now

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