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Think Vape Panzer DNA 200


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Sadie816 said:

I'm thinking about getting the Panzer DNA 200 can anyone tell me if this is a good idea or bad and why? I already have the Reuleaux DNA 200, Sx Mini M Class and the X Cube Mini and just looking for another toy tInker with.

every post i have read regarding the panzer has been generally favorable. rubberized paint, one of the few dna 200's with a large capacity lipo. some have said the only con would be the shape or design. however, looks are subjective. have you considered the SMY SDNA 200? large capacity lipo, comes set up with different wire profiles, mod res, case thermals and batt analyzer have all been done and SMY now have a USA based warranty center. 

just some food for thought........
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I really like this mod, the buttons feel really good and the size is just right. Throw in a centered pin and a big battery it becomes mighty fine indeed. It's shorter than all my 18650 mods cept for the cuboid which it is equal. Super lightweight most tanks I use on it are heavier than the box. Here is a pic with my giant VCMT 30mm and it's a bit overkill but I can pull it off. That tiny beveled edge ruins the perfect flush fit but you can't even see it in the picture so I'm just OCD about stuff I guess.


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