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Phoenix Council of Vapor tank


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I have this tank as well, not a real fan of it. It's really picky on the kind of juice you use. The spit back is insane as well. Then add in the fact that it is disposable and I'm pretty turned off. Don't get me wrong once you find a juice that it won't burn it's pretty nice and I'm using it as I type this but I prefer the Krixus tank over this one tbh. In all fairness it is a good tank, but I found quite a few juices that did not vape well in it... All of the one hit wonders came out bad or burnt after 3-5 hits as well as a few flavors from That1vape. Currently I'm doing Milky Rings from Plume and it's an economy juice as well (12.99 /120ml) and it has been vaping for 2 days in my rotation without that gross ceramic burnt taste. I try not to run it higher than 80w and I can temp control it on the HoHm Wrecker but...you know it ain't real. 60w seems to be my sweet spot on both for chain vaping them.


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hi i had the same problem with thicker juices i send mine right back after the weekend to my vendor unfortunenally cost me 20% of the price, so no phoenix or any thing else from Council of Vapor again in this life mailed them twice one for what kind of settings i needed to use on the dna and one mail about the juice and burn problems they where to busy i think they replyed some days after i send it back with  a answer on the settings that it had to be kanthal, on the juice problems till now no awnser.

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