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crown coils 0.25


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My wife uses her crown in SS mode ss316* running 44.4w @440 tons of vapor. I went light headed trying to get her to hit temp protected to show her the "vape slut" pic I added to her theme... The crown performs so well I should get one for myself.

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I use the NI curve graph and vape the 1/2 SS 316 coils that are wattage mode only compatible. One of those .25ohm coils is TC only. I burnt it out accidently forgetting it was temp only. I'm using the .5ohm SS 316 in wattage mode using the orignal NI settings with grand cool vapor. If you're using the temp, good luck. Most DNA 200 users are into temp control since the entire DNA is built around the TC function. Luckily I can easily shut it off and enjoy 24amps without ripping the wrapping of Sony VTC4s in chargers, new mods, etc.. I rather charge and vape than keep my an XTAR VC2 in the storage room at my store to charge 2100mAH cells ever. LG HB6 batteries for box mods are 5 dollars each at imrbatteries.com. They're 1500mAH, but one of the few new LG masterpiece cells with true 30a continuous discharge. HB2, HB4, are also similarly rated at 30a and nearly as good as the HB6, but the HB6 has a bigger punch for longer than the Sony batteries. 25a continuous, 2000mAH LG HD2 batteries are my favorite at 25a continuous. Finally, LG saw that we needed super subohming 18650s and that they'd profit tremendously. I've been hearing the Sony VTC4 18650 will become a collectible battery and authentics could be sought after regardless of these new LGs. I already sold 2 pairs for 14 bucks each single VTC4 to online customers somewhere else and nearby. Liionwholesale.com has then for $6.98 each and are tested individually before they ship anything out to customers...only on that site. I'm grabbing splitting a final investment or personal collection with my cousin of 7 pairs more. 14 bucks for 2 cells and 14 bucks I make for one battery at this moment. I'll use them if the value doesn't increase. I'm using am IPV5 with dual VTC4s all the time when I'm out on the town and the mod is underrated. Protovapor.com has the BEST box mods available and customizible down to the LIPO pack mAH and belt clip color. There's a Silo version which is half the size which is TINY and a long retangular small two tone box mod called an XPV DNA200D mod. IDK but it's awesome and I'm going to buy it someday.

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