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Lavabox. Black with Red Rubber grip accessory.

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I own an Hcigar, got the hang of using it my way in wattage mode while turning off temperature altogether. I love the DNA 200 3 cell Lipo battery pack even if it's a low level battery as far as mAH only obviously. The stock Hcigar VT 200 is 9600mAH basically and 9v. It can vape at 25C, in this case that's a standard capability of 24a continuous current as is says in Escribe which isn't able to be modified. This is plenty of amperage given the LG HD2 is about 25a continuous. It's fine and a reg. box mod, not a mech mod. Don't buy a replacement battery for ameprage, only risk firmware bricking, and lipo packs not fitting regardless of dimension specifications. Anyway, my point is the Lavabox is standard 900mAH, and the rest doesn't differ from the specs of the Hcigar. I just like the feel and grip, basically I found a $135 sale on a certain site I buy from with my reward points I can have it arrive in the mail by Friday for $129.99. I was wondering if there was a different mod someone recommends instead even if I have to spend much more. I like The Protovape XD DNA200D extended battery edition for a cool 200 bucks, however. Custom two-tone color scheme, and a metallic, black, or no belt clip as well. I like the Gold (Like red grips on Lavabox) on grips and matte black on the majority of the device. It's more than 900mAH, the Extended edition, but not sure by how much the battery life lasts longer. It looks expensive, sturdy, it's a small long rectangular mod with aluminum alloy or whatever, but looks solid. The 510 threading is gold colored and can be raised, lowered, flush, or standard as another option. Anybody have the Lavabox standard battery pack of Lithium Polymer and enjoy the ergonomics so much they'd never get a slippery Hcigar, or does any person own a Protovapor? Thanks

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I have both colors of Lavaboxes as well as a Black VT200. I prefer the Lavaboxes (my favorite DNA200 atm is the Blood Red Lavabox), it is less slippery than the VT200 with the rubber grips but then again I've never had the VT200 slip out of my hand. I would say with stock batteries, the VT200 gets slightly better battery life but I think with the extended battery option (3s 1300mah) for the Lavabox that would definitely  be different.

The VT200 is supposedly 3s 1300mah but mine is a 3s 1000-1100mah in reality. The stock Lavabox is 3s 900mah. Here's a couple of pictures of my DNA200 stable.

(L to R) Black Lavabox, Blood Red Lavabox (both stock 3s 900mah Lipo), Reuleaux, Hcigar VT200, Hotcig DX200 (with the 2 x 18650 battery compartment)


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