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Feature request: kanthal temperature protection

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Like the hohm tech g2 I'd like to can use a sort of temperature protection. I know it can't be very accurate but it seems to work on the G2. The G 2 also have an interesting manual ohm adjust feature that I'd like to see on my 4 dna200 devices

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Kanthal is a wire with a VERY stagnant resistance, and in depth testing on the G2 proves the 'protection' is far from accurate. Rather using electrical ping or TCR values, an accurate experience, or anything remotely close to one, with kanthal TC, isn't currently possible. I wouldn't cross your fingers here. I don't see Evolv rolling the dice on a VERY inaccurate form of TC, they're a company known for accuracy and quality while HOhmTech is surrounded with a flood of controversy on the G2 mod. Your best bet would to be inputting a custom profile for Kanthal on Escribe and working with it, I don't see any firmware update from Evolv being able to magically add in this function given the board design is already very much completed. Firmware is just firmware, you can't make a board do things it wasn't designed to be capable of (with good reason, I might add) with firmware changes.

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