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Newbie question. 2.0amp Charging Upgrade


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So first post here, waiting on my LavaBox to get here but from all the research i've done, one of the big downfalls of all the LiPo's (except VShark200) is that there is only 1.0amp charging. 
I am guessing the answer to this question is no because the hardware is different but i'm asking to put the question to rest. 
Q: Can you upgrade your personal device from a 1.0amp to 2.0amp charging?


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Nope. I find 1 amp a whole lot better than 0.5 amp though, which is the most you get from any of them including VS when plugged into a computer with a cord with data path. At work that's how I charge, still not all that bad as I'm always in and out of what I call my office.
Office.....LOL.....more like a broom closet.

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