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Samsung 25r5


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I feel as though there isn't enough info on Samsung 25r cells. As I scroll through I see so many posts regarding lghg2 and so on, but not very much on Samsungs. Or not very much info with an consistency. Please post your info on Samsung 25r2 or 25r5 here. Battery curves, and CSV files would be ideal! Thank you all!

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I ran the Battery Analyzer on three new Samsung INR 18650-25r cells, that I charged externally to 4.2V, in a Wismec Reuleaux DNA200 today.  I got my initial settings from the datasheet found here.  The Battery Capacity I used was 2500mAh, Number of Battery Cells set to three, and Nominal Cell Voltage set to 3.6V.  That yielded a battery capacity of 27 watt-hrs.  The Type was set to Lithium Polymer and Soft Cell Cutoff was set to 2.8V.  The analysis was run at 40W using this setup:


The coil is 0.9? formed of ten turns of 22ga Kanthal A1 wrapped on a 3.5mm form.  The leads are 2.5 cm long to dissipate the heat away from the MOD.  I recorded the data from the analysis.  The last two lines during firing were:

TimePowerMeterUSB CurrentBattery Cell 1Battery Cell 2Battery Cell 3

You'll notice that Cell 2 discharged to the 2.8V Soft Cell Cutoff to stop the analysis.

The usable capacity of the battery was determined to be 23.77Wh.  The .csv is attached as a .txt file.  Simply change the extention back to .csv to use it in eScribe.

Note that I recommend running the test on your batteries, at the power level that you usually vape at.  The usable capacity is dependent on the load.  View the curves on the datasheet in the link above to see the effects. 



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