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Lipo directly soldered to DNA200: in which order ?


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i'm going to built my 2nd mod with the dna200 and i want solder the lipo 3s directly to the dna200.
I need an help...
I've to
1) solder for first the 4 charge wire and after the 2 discarge wire or
2) reverse

or there are no differences ?

Thank u for help.

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By "the 4 charge wires" I'm assuming you mean the JST-XH balance connector connections.  Assuming you re using that connector that should be soldered first just to limit soldering while power is applied.

The "2 discharge wires" are actually the battery power supply to the board.  It is probably safer to solder the positive lead first, then the negative lead.

If you're soldering all the leads directly to the board it is probably still a good idea to start with the balance connector leads.  Again start with the positive lead and work down to the ground lead.

Above all use extreme caution when soldering the heavy battery leads to the board.  Strip and solder one, then strip and solder the second and so on.  In fact it's probably a good idea to put some tape on the lead(s) not being soldered to make sure the possibility of a short is minimized.  Expect a spark when the second heavy lead is soldered as the board powers up.

You do need good soldering skills and techniques.  The board density makes soldering a little more difficult and working with "live" leads adds to that difficulty.  Proceed at your own risk.

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