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LED solder points

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   I looked through the other two or three posts about the LED and mine is working great however, just a couple questions I didn't seem to find in them.
   Are the small pads above and below the fire button active high in both locked and unlocked mode?  
   I soldered mine directly to the fire button and i don't mine it lighting even in locked mode but just curious.
  And lastly, is there a safe current limit to be putting on the fire button connection point (or small pads). 

  Thanks ahead of time and just want to confirm these things since a few of our group members are also interested in doing this.

DNA_200_LED.jpg 2016-04-09_23.28.02.jpg   

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the set of solder pads under and to the right of the fire button are for the charging led. only activated when usb is plugged in and charging. this led is also dimmable through escribe in the charging screen brightness selector. the set of solder pads directly across from the charging led pads, to the left, and the pads at the top and to the right of the button are activated whenever the fire button is pressed.  not sure on the current limit. i wouldn't compound a big number of leds to any set of pads. just what is needed. hope this helps. i would ask evolv about the current limit of the pads if you really need to know.

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johnathan hillstrand confirms the charging led pads voltage is 5v, lol. however, i think i'm complete liar in my previous post about the charging led. for the life of me, i thought the brightness of the red charging led was adjustable in escribe through the charging screen brightness slider. i just now set the charging screen brightness from 0% to 100% and everything in between and cannot tell any discernible change in brightness of the red led. i do plan to take my VS 200 apart to check a few things out, just not any time soon. still under warranty. 

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