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2 different devices with 2 different problems... need help


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Ok so i have the Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 and the Lavabox DNA 200.

When i try to turn the wismec on, it will only stay on if i hold the fire button, if i plug it into my computer it say that the batteries are all on a different charge. it will say on is on 4.1v snd the other is like 1.4v and the third is like 0.01v.

Lavabox, i have no idea whats wrong with this one. i was vaping on it, turned it to tc mode and the screen went black and hasnt turned on. it wont connect to escribe nothing will work on it. i have tried several diffent atomizers and nothing will work. even without a atomizer the screen stays black and wont turn on.

i have 2 $200 paper weights as of now. I follow evolvs steps to RMA the wismec, i sent it to them(meaning i paid for the shipping) and i sent it the way i was supposed to, and to my suprise 2 weeks later it was shipped back to me. i eagerly popped the batteries in and what a surprise, IT STILL DOES NOT WORK!  

Can someone help me? because evolv sure doesnt honor what they tell you when your messaging them. i have 2 open tickets with them still on both devices and its been 3 days!!!

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Think three days isnt realy long enough for a reply, i would hang fire for a few days, dont know if youve tried it but.... ive read a few posts on the wismec where there are battery compartment contact issues, i havnt got one but it sounds somthing like an old tourch. I would externaly (off mod) charge new batteries, then youve verified the batteries are good, then when you fit them, what evere cell is shown as poor in escribe, is the contact clips that need addressing, also set the correct peramerters in escribe for the said batteries and upload to device beffor disconnecting. the larva box sounds dead dead dead and it is that that would be my priority for a return, but im quite sure you need a recipt to send with it, if its relativly new i would contact the person who sipplied it..

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